Slack to Discord Migration

Slack to Discord Migration

Community Platform Migration


With the launch of new courses and content at SuperHi, the community team was tasked with transitioning the community over from Slack to Discord.


  • Discord has been a completely new platform for most of the community team, so a lot of little quirks/bugs to figure out in the initial stages of building.
  • The community team surveyed the current community on Slack to get a pulse check if they were open to moving to a new community platform. 75% of the members who responded said yes.
  • To make the transition as seamless as possible, the community team recorded and shared onboarding videos to walk the members through how to use Discord and created spaces in the platform to share feedback/suggestions.
  • The team decided that it was important to create an archive including all of the past community content on Slack to share with members so that they didn’t lose access to anything.
  • Listen to member feedback early and often, and make changes that benefit the whole community.

Key Stats

  • A total of 616 total members transitioned to the new Discord community within 30 days.
  • The engagement rate is at 27.9% compared to a 3-5% range on Slack.
  • The total number of active monthly members is at 172.