Max’s Community Portfolio
Max’s Community Portfolio

Max’s Community Portfolio

Hi, I’m Max, a Community Builder based in San Diego, CA

I have been in the community space for over 5 years and I currently work at Square as their Community Engagement Program Manager. Prior to this, I led Community at SuperHi, Creative Mornings, and Freelance Founders.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I got my bearings in the community industry by happenstance - a happy accident stemming from job burnout, loneliness, and wanting a career reset after spending nearly 10 years in marketing and advertising ranging from music labels, agencies, and my own freelance business.

Beyond working in the community space, I am a writer and public speaker. I’m very passionate about advocating for limb different people and am on the board of the non-profit organization Design With Us, and a volunteer coach with Nubability.

I'm always excited to connect with fellow community builders and anyone passionate about this space. Whether you're looking to exchange ideas, explore collaboration opportunities, or simply share your experiences, please always feel free to reach out.

I’m also open to speaking and consulting opportunities, send me a message and we’ll connect more!

☎️ My information


🧱 Community Building

Curating and always improving the community experience by actively seeking feedback, analyzing KPI metrics, and staying attuned to the evolving needs of members.

🔨 Community Operations

Selecting and configuring tools and technologies, ensuring they work together seamlessly and without friction.

📍Community Strategy

Creating a bridge between community ideas and business goals by defining the purpose of the community, identifying target members, creating impactful content, and fostering open communication to nurture a sense of belonging among members.

📆 Events

Organizing and managing digital events. Creating a virtual space for the community to come together to learn, discuss, and connect in an interactive environment.

👥 D&I

Cultivating an inclusive environment where underrepresented groups are seen, heard, respected, and valued - always.

🏆 Customer Success

Maintaining high retention rates and keeping community members and customers engaged and satisfied over the long term.

📊 Reporting

Distilling valuable insights into member interactions, preferences, and overall trends. Making informed decisions and refining strategies to continually improve the community experience at present and beyond.

🔍 Community Focus Areas
  • Education
  • Freelance
  • Creator
  • Mental Health
  • Design
🛠️ Community Tooling
  • Notion
  • Typeform
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Mailchimp
  • Common Room
  • Zapier
  • Luma
  • Help Scout
  • Asana
  • Khoros

🗂 Work Examples